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Transferring money electronically between bank accounts has been the backbone of the economy for over 50 years. Businesses and individuals alike rely daily on credit transfers to make and receive payments such as salaries and also use Direct Debits to take the hassle out of regular recurring payments such as utility bills.

Providing the service

Sentenial has a wide range of solutions designed to help users of all sizes, from sole traders through to global enterprises, to process payments in the most efficient way possible. 

All payments are processed in a secure cloud based environment that is available 24×7. This platform processes over €42 billion each year.

Extensive checks are made on all transactions looking at validity of the data as well as checking for fraud and abnormal activity.

Payments can be entered and controlled manually, using batch files or by way of an Application Programming Interface (API).

All payment functionality is available as free standing modules or fully integrated within the current accounts provided by Sentenial’s subsidary Nuapay.

Credit transfers

Credit transfers can be initiated in batches using traditional file based approaches or industry leading restful APIs can be used to integrate payments with a user’s application.​

Support is also provided for real time payments such as Faster Payments for Sterling or SEPA Instant Credit Transfer for Euro transactions.

Open Banking

Full functionality is provided to give users access to the exciting new initiatives being developed for making payments under the recently introduced Open Banking standards.​

These payment types are user friendly, offer low processing costs and are fraud free by design.​

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