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Too often the advanced tools used by large businesses to achieve these goals are not available to support the needs of SMEs leaving them disadvantaged and operating inefficiently.

SMEs are continually facing demands to improve efficiency, increase security and deliver exceptional levels of service to their customers.

Recent technological developments have changed the way we access and process financial data as well as changing how we pay.

Banking Services

One aspect of technological development is the growing global trend towards Open Banking. In its European implementation it provides access to data held by a bank and introduces new payment options.

Sentenial has, under its Nuapay brand, been issuing current accounts to businesses for some years. These accounts meet and exceed the requirements of Open Banking opening the way for businesses to operate more effectively.  

Unlike a traditional bank, all of the money held in Nuapay is stored in safeguarded accounts making sure your money is always safe irrespective of how much you have.

Payment Services

Sentenial started life by providing payment services to businesses and consequently has many years of experience in delivering market leading solutions in this field.

Everything needed for access to and the efficient processing of account-to-account is provided via the Senenial cloud based platform which is operating 24×7. Real-time and traditional batch based payments are supported.

Application Programming Interface functionality allows payment processing to be fully integrated with the processes used within a business including linking to standard packages used.

All features of the payment engines are fully integrated with Nuapay accounts adding further to the levels of efficiency that can be provided.

Open Banking

Sentenial supports the use of Open Banking giving users access to data and accounts held at other banks.

Sentenial has also developed innovative payment solutions based on the payment initiation services provided by Open Banking. These innovations deliver payments that have a low level of user friction, are fraud free by design and are less expensive to process than traditional alternatives.

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